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Editor of the website/responsable persons for the text and photos :

Petra Broek (EI)

Lieu-dit Trossagne

Telephone: 04 73 55 05 86


Registration number in France: 422 637 082
Micro-entreprise, VTA is not mentionned according to art. 293 B of the French tax laws


SARL o2switch
222-224 Boulevard Gustave Flaubert
63000 Clermont-Ferrand
Telephone: 04 44 44 60 40

General Data Protections Regulation GDPR, European law

Protection of your personnal data

All personnal data you give to the owners of Plus belle la Vue (name, address, telephone number, email) will be shared with no one (except for legal obligations). The data will be used only for reservations, contact with our guests and the invoice. We might use your data to send you any promotional issues or to wish you a happy new year.

By sending us an email or by using our contact formular you give permission for the registration of your data and the mentioned use of these in the administration of Plus belle la Vue.

After your stay with us you have the right to demand cancellation of your data in our administration (if not necessary for legal obligations).

We will keep the data for one year, unless legal obligations tell us differently.

Registration of your data according to European law.

  1. Owner and responsable for the registration of data :
    Petra Broek

Ldt. Trossagne

Telephone: 04 73 55 05 86
Email :

  1. Purpose of the keeping of these data :
    Maintain our reservation calendar (on system Open Pro)

Contact with guest

  1. For whom :
    All guests of Plus belle la Vue (rooms or appartment)
  1. Which data do we keep :
    Name, address, telephone number, email, date of arrival and departure, breakfast yes/no, dinner yes/no, number of persons included.

On our website we use cookies ; these are only for technical and functional reasons, to make the website function normally and to collect statistics. You can easily refuse them.

  1. Personnal data wil be shared with no one (except for legal obligations)
  2. Safety and security of your data

The registered data are kept on the computer of the owners of Plus belle la Vue which is accessible only by them, with a password.





Chambre d'Hôtes & Plus Belle la Vue is located in Trossagne. More information in our itinerary


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